Compensation is About More Than Numbers

Congregational policies and practices are a way of living out our values as Unitarian Universalists—particularly the values of equity, transparency and economic justice. Our new Congregational Salary Program places a greater emphasis on process and values and shifts to providing recommending salary ranges by job level rather than job title. Congregational leaders are engaging with the new materials and using them to ground their pay decisions in UU values.
minister shaking hand of congregate

I would like to thank you and your team for the most thoughtful deliberate economic justice review of salaries. I shared, on a high level, the thoughts with my corporate America job HR team and said “This! This is how we need to think about base salaries and compensation.” It is truly inspiring work.

UU Personnel Chair

I’m sending a huge thanks to you and all of the staff at the UUA for the big work you’re doing on congregational salary recommendations. I find the grounding in values to be so very helpful and justice-based.

UU Minister

You all are the best! Thank you for modeling what collaborative leadership and processes can look like on a denominational level!! I know that means a lot more work for you all, and can’t tell you how much more we have learned and been empowered as a result.

UU Minister

I adore the new compensation framework. SUCH a job well done. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for tirelessly advocating for all staff’s economic well-being.

UU Congregation Executive Director

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