Climate Justice

The UUA was named a Top 10 Finalist in ecoAmerican Climate Leadership Awards in 2022.

“I am so proud of the work that Side With Love is doing to promote climate justice, and so pleased that they received this recognition from ecoAmerica,” said Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association. “Many thanks to the American Climate Leadership Awards for acknowledging our work and the work of so many Unitarian Universalists.”

UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray

Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray

President of the Unitarian Universalist Association

man and girl stand showcase climate display

The UUA’s Climate Justice programming organizes UUs to take action on climate change, in relationship with local communities and climate justice movements. The Green Sanctuary 2030 program equips UU congregations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions 45 percent by the year 2030 while prioritizing justice in their actions. Additionally, the program supports congregations to become hubs of climate resilience and community care. The UUA approaches climate justice organizing by following the leadership of BIPOC individuals and organizations, decarbonizing relationships, and engaging in transformative actions.

“Unitarian Universalists—and other progressive people of faith—are an integral part of not only taking action to address the climate crisis, but providing spiritual and relational resources to ensure our movements are able to stay in this critical work for the long-haul,” said Rev. Ashley Horan, Organizing Strategy Director for the UUA. “Side With Love’s climate justice work is rooted in solidarity, with an understanding that while we are all impacted by the climate crisis, we must center the needs and the leadership of frontline communities that are already suffering the most severe effects of climate change.”

The Rev. Ashley Horan

The Rev. Ashley Horan

Organizing Strategy Director

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